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Shepherds Purse: Catalog of Representations by Date and Location

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  Pre-14th c. 14th c. Early 15th c. Mid 15th c. Late 15th c. Early 16th c. Mid 16th c. Late 16th c. 17th c.

Souvigny Bible (not SP)

Gospel Lectionary (no pouch)

Paris Psalter

Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux

Hours of Philip the Bold (no pouch)

14th c.? annunciation (not SP)


Norfolk MS 307?

Tres Riches Heures: adoration, annunciation, calendar

Bedford Hours

Hours of Isabella Stuart

De Levis Hours

Vienna Hours

Fitzwilliam MS. 63

Bedford Breviary

Hours of the Maréchal de Boucicaut

Belles Heures

Rohan Hours

Burgundisches Brevier?

Egerton MS 2019 (not SP)

The vigilance of the Good Shepherd?

Rouen Hours

Bibl. de l'Arsenal Paris MS 438?

Bibl. Nat. Paris MS Lat 873

Repas Champetre

Le Livre des Faits et Gestes?

Pigouchet Hours

Hours of Mary of England

Syracuse MS 3


The Noble Pastoral

Stowe MS 955

Grande Heures of Anne of Brittany

Zodiacal Man

Hardouyn Book of Hours

Hours of Henry VIII: mowers, reapers, swineherds, shepherds

Weapons of Gouffier (not SP)?

The Shepherds

scenes of childhood

scene of hunting and dance

scene of hunting and shepherding #1

Return from the hunt

scene of hunting and shepherding #2

scenes of hunting

Rustic Sports

Low Countries    


MS. Morgan 453

Morgan MS 287

Egerton MS 1147

Portinari altarpiece (non SP)

Simon Marmion Hours

Bibl. Nat. Paris MS 42

Da Costa Hours

Bennick Hours (no pouch)

Add. MS 35313

Stockholm-Kessel Book of Hours: adoration, annunciation

de Beer adoration

Abraham and Hagar

La Main Chaude

La Danse


Bloemaert annunciation

Cuyp annunciation (no pouch)

Rembrandt adoration (not SP)


Luttrell Psalter (no pouch)

stained glass (not SP)

Holkham Bible (no pouch)


Playfair Book of Hours

Oxford Ms. Douce 93?

Gloucester cathedral misericord (no pouch)

    Shepherds? (not SP)  

Virgin of the Stair

Misal Rico?

Breviario Romano? (no pouch)

Breviary of Martin of Aragon (not SP)?

de Benabarre (no pouch)

del Barco?

Catalan adoration (not SP)


de Ribera



Pistoia pulpit

Vision of Joachim (no pouch)


Atri frescos (no pouch)

Da Correggio (no pouch)

Ghirlandaio (not SP)

Germany Maciejowski Bible (not SP)  

Pursuit of St. Barbara (not shepherd)

Ottheinrichsbibel (not shepherd)




Salzburger Missale

  Amman (not SP)    

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