Shepherds Purse: tapestry - Return from the hunt

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Joubert identifies this tapestry as " Inv. Cl. 22573, Laine et soie, 5 fils de chaine au cm, HG: 2,60; HE: 2,60; LH: 1,225; LB: 1,22; Acquis en 1949."

A moderately well-dressed hunter hands a dead hare to a woman of similar quality of dress, but she holds a "spade-staff" marking her as a shepherdess. She wears a flaccid white crescent-style pouch, to which is attached a single ring, holding an implement of unknown nature that may be a short knife or whistle.


Joubert, Fabienne. 1987. La tapisserie médiévale au musée de Cluny. Éditions de la Re/union des musées nationaux, Paris. p.125, fig. 117