Shepherds Purse: printed book - Zodiacal Man

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The source here is a printed book of hours known as "Zodiacal Man", by P. Pigouchet, created in Paris ca. 1500-1. There are two relevant pages, which I have treated in succession here.

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The first page has marginal illustrations of shepherds and pastoral scenes, but they do not appear to me to be part of a specific genre context otherwise. The illustrations are all relatively small and indistinct, but most of the figures appear to wear crescent-shaped Shepherds Purses, most with hanging tools attached.



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The second page is from the Adoration of the Shepherds genre. A male shepherd in the foreground wears a crescent-shaped pouch with attached implements. For comparison, a woman on the left, who is presumably a shepherdess from the context, wears two hanging drawstring purses from her belt and is carrying something in an apron.


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