Shepherds Purse: painting - del Barco "Annunciation"

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The painting is "La Anunciación a los pastores" (annunciation to the shepherds) by García del Barco, currently located in Madrid, Museo Lázaro, Galdeano, Triptico de La Natividad. I've found a web site that dates the artist to the late 15th century.

The shepherd reclining at lower left has slung around his neck a bag formed as a tube attached to a strap at one end, the strap coming around the neck and then tying the mouth of the tube to fasten it. There are clearly contents, but of unknown type. This is an unusually clear representation of a construction method, and while similar methods may be possible for other examples where the details are not shown, it would be premature to make assumptions in any particular case. Note that this example, contrasted with the "flapped pouch" examples, clearly show two very different structural approaches that can still result in a similar body silhouette. The other two shepherds have musical instruments hanging off their belts (a flute and a rebec) but no visible pouches In passing, I note that the hooded overgarments are also fascinating.

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