Shepherds Purse: painting - Bloemaert "Annunciation"

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An Annunciation to the Shepherds genre painting by Abraham Bloemaert of Dordrecht. The specific date of the painting isn't mentioned and the artist's dates are 1564-1651, so I'll consider it "early 17th c.". If I'm interpreting the title of the source correctly, the work is currently in the collection of John Paul II.

In the 17th century, we see a general shift towards a more "classical" presentation of shepherds (a style beginning earlier in Italy), but this work -- while rendered somewhat impressionistically -- is still fairly representational. The two figures in the foreground are relevant for this study.

The man on the left appears to wear a Shepherds Purse, slung somewhat high on the waist, but not over the shoulder. It's vaguely crescent-shaped, but more of the "sausage" type. He has a costrel and possibly a bagpipe sitting beside him. The man on the right appears to have a leather strap slipping low on the left hip, but if there is anything attached it is out of sight in front of him and is therefore not useful.


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