Shepherds Purse: woodcut - Hardouyn Book of Hours

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The work is a woodcut from a Book of Hours created by Antoine Chappiel for Gillet Hardouyn, ca. 1503 in Paris. (The work is currently located at the Pierpont Morgan Library, PML 19286, fol. E3v.) The illustration is a pastoral scene from a page border, showing a group of shepherds (from their equipment) sitting and eating. The figures are small and not particularly detailed.

The first figure at the left may have a cloth across his lap, and appears to be drinking from something. He appers to have to objects hanging from his belt, and there may be a crescent-shaped Shepherds Purse underneath them.

The second figure is reaching as if to remove something from a pouch at his side. Since he is still wearing the object, this would suggest a flap opening rather than a gathered opening at one end.

The third figure is a shepherdess, eating something from a bowl with a spoon. There is a line across her waist that could indicate a pouch (but as easily could be an apron) and no other details are visible.

The last figure on the right appears to have something tucked under or attached to his belt, but the lines are unclear.


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