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This page last modified July 17, 2016

Harpy Publications and Other Commercial Intersts

Harpy Publications still exists as a label for my self-published fiction, however I've drifted out of the business of SCA-related publications.

If you're interested in my fiction, check out the website.

Most of the SCA-related publications that have any continuing value have been uploaded to the web.

I am no longer involved in filking and my albums are long since out of print.

I actually still have significant inventory of the two songbooks that Wail Songs and Harpy Publications partnered to publish (Dreamer, and Stave the Wails) as well as a number of copies of my own songbook Songbook Pusher. What I don't have is the interest or energy to distribute them in any organized fashion. Anyone interested in copies of these may contact me regarding arrangements, as long as you understand that I'm not up to distributing them on an individual-copy basis.

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