Shepherds Purse: manuscript - Norfolk, MS 307

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The source is identified in Collins & Davis as "Holkham Hall, Norfolk, MS 307 f. 20". It is French, of the 15th century. It isn't clear from the isolated picture whether this is one of our known genres of shepherd scenes. There are none of the expected accompanying elements for an annunciation or adoration scene, but it may be a seasonal piece.

Two shepherds sit playing music (jaw harp and transverse flute). The one on the left has a white pouch-belt with lozenge-wise net pattern (very faint) and a knife depending from a different part of his waist.

The one on the right has a white pouch-belt with faint network in a square pattern. A spindle-shaped object hangs from the front end of the pouch section and a round box hands from the opposite side of his waist.


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