Shepherds Purse: manuscript - Bibliotheque Nationale Paris, MS Lat. 873

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The image is from Bibliotheque Natinonale Paris, MS Lat. 873 (f. 21), from late 15th c.France. (Pictures are from Reeves.)

The picture shows a group of six peasant dancers, with sheep in the background and a bagpiper sitting and playing.

The left-most man has a white pouch-belt with lozenge-wise netting.

The middle man has a white pouch-belt with square-wise netting and a small cyllindrical box hanging off the front end of the pouch.

The right-hand man wears some sort of bround pouch-like object half hidden behind his back, with a lozenge-wise network pattern. He has a brown costrel handing from the center front of his belt.

One of the women has a drawstring pouch hanging from a belt under her gown, showing where the skirt is pulled up, but none wear pouch-belts.


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