Shepherds Purse: painting - Cuyp "Annunciation"

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An Annunciation to the Shepherds genre painting by Benjamin Gerritsz Cuyp of Dordrecht. The specific date of the painting isn't mentioned and the artist's dates are 1612-1652, so a mid 17th c. date can be assumed. If I'm interpreting the title of the source correctly, the work is currently in the collection of John Paul II. This work is presented for comparative purposes as it does not include any pouches. It shows the increasingly classicizing style of the 17th century and a more impressionistic style where clear details of individual artifacts are lost to the overall effect.


Kolekcja imienia Jana Pawla II z fundacji Janiny i Zbigniewa Karola Porczynskich. 1988. Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza, Warszawa. p.78