Shepherds Purse: tapestry - La Danse

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Joubert identifies this Flemish tapestry as:

La Danse. Cleveland, Museum of Art (Asselberghs 1974, 21 -- Asselberghs, (J.P.) Les tapisseries flamandes aux Etats-Unis d'Ame/rique, Bruxelles, Muse/es Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, 1974.)

No date information is given, but the clothing suggests the earlier part of the 16th century. A couple of nobly-dressed people join a group of shepherds for a circle-dance. The genre is simply a pastoral scene. At least half of the shepherds wear Sheperds Purses, some possibly with attached implements, but the photo is small and the details are hard to make out.


Joubert, Fabienne. 1987. La tapisserie médiévale au musée de Cluny. Éditions de la Re/union des musées nationaux, Paris. p.101, fig. 89