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Shepherds Purse: Catalogs

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The catalogs listed here organize the data by a variety of factors. These include both Shepherds Purse examples and comparative material.

Date and Location

This table organizes the data according to the general time-period and location in which the work was created. I haven't been able to track down all of the specifics, so dates are sometimes estimates based on the style, and occasionally it has been difficult to distinguish origin and eventual location in the available literature.


Depictions of shepherds appear primarily in a few specific genres of scene. The most common are the Annunciation and Adoration scenes, but especially in the late 15th and early 16th century, non-religious pastoral imagery becomes popular, especially in tapestries. (Earlier non-religious pastoral scenes tend to appear as seasonal illustrations in the calendar section of Books of Hours.)


This page includes the bibliography and organizes the images by published source.

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