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Shepherds Purse: Genre Catalog -- Pastoral Scenes

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Generic (non-biblical) pastoral scenes occur largely in the tapestries of the late 15th century and 16th century. These often involve a very idealized notion of pastoral life, involving a lot of dancing, feasting, ribald games, and general merriment. The people in the scenes are often more of the "rich people playing at being shepherds" variety. The manuscript scenes included in this group are often isolated clips for which I don't have a larger context, and may actually belong in one of the more specific genres.

Shepherds Purse


The Shepherds

Repas Champetre

La Danse

scene of hunting and dance

scene of hunting and shepherding #1

Return from the hunt

scene of hunting and shepherding #2

La Main Chaude

Rustic Sports

The Noble Pastoral


Many of these may belong to a more specific religious genre, but I don't have the context to know which one.

Bibl. Nat. Paris MS Lat 873

Le Livre des Faits et Gestes

Stowe MS 955

Hardouyn Book of Hours

Salzburger Missale

Da Costa Hours

Oxford Ms. Douce 93

Bibl. Nat. Paris MS 42

Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal Paris MS 438

Norfolk MS 307

Bedford Hours

Burgundisches Brevier

Non-Shepherds Purse

Atri frescos


Egerton MS 2019 (reapers)

No Pouch of Any Kind

Gloucester cathedral misericord

Luttrell Psalter

Breviario Romano

de Benabarre

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