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Shepherds Purse: Genre Catalog --Annunciation

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The most common source of shepherd imagery comes from Annunciation scenes. There are sub-genres within this group: the shepherds may be in a group clustered around a fire at night, or the scene may be depicted as daytime with the shepherds dancing. Sometimes an Annunciation scene is tucked away in a background corner in a Nativity scene.

Shepherds Purse

Belles Heures de Jean de Berry

Playfair Book of Hours

Tres Riches Heures

Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux

Grande Heures of Anne of Brittany

Simon Marmion Hours

De Levis Hours

Vienna Hours

MS. Morgan 453

Morgan MS 287

Rouen Hours

Stockholm-Kessel Book of Hours


Hours of Mary of England

Hours of Henry VIII

Fitzwilliam MS. 63

Bedford Breviary

Hours of the Maréchal de Boucicaut

Paris Psalter

Bloemaert annunciation

scenes of childhood/annunciation

Bedford Hours

Zodiacal Man

misc. annunciation

misc. annunciation

misc. annunciation

Syracuse MS 3

Rohan Hours annunciation

Non-Shepherds Purse

del Barco annunciation

stained glass roundel

misc. annunciation

Breviary of Martin of Aragon

No pouch of any kind

Hours of Philip the Bold

Cuyp annunciation

Atri frescos: Nativita

Holkham Bible

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