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This page last modified November 1, 2019

What's New?

11/1/2019 I colllected up a Halloween photo-story that was originally posted in real-time on facebook and twitter: "Not that You'd Call Mermaids in the Strictest Sense."

7/17/2016 A belated note that my website (for my writing and publications) has had a complete overhaul. Check it out!

7/17/2016 Add a link in the Pictish Names article to Jean Kveberg's article on feminine names associated with the Picts.

6/24/2015 Added the extensive article The Shepherd's Purse: Artifact or Artistic Motif? (Anatomy of a Research Project) which I'd been planning to revise with re-drawn figures but finally decided just to throw up as is.

4/19/2015 Added a download page for my 25th Laurel Anniversary Commemorative Volume.

4/19/2015 Added the article Conversational Medieval Welsh, linked from the Medieval Wales page.

1/1/2015 Put up the short story "Three Nights at the Opera" as a free e-book on my page.

12/08/2014 Added the article "The Third Artist", linked from the non-fiction publications page.

2/22/2014 I have a new website to focus on my publications It's still very much under development at this point, but eventually I may be moving or linking some of my content over there if it's primarily related to my writing or related research.

1/13/2014 Added my first novel Daughter of Mystery to the publications page.

1/13/2014 Added a new article under Studies in Gender and Sexuality: Sex between Women from Classical Times through the Renaissance

1/10/11 Started creating a set of web pages for the Historic Picnic Project

1/2/11 Added a Table of Contents page for articles on Studies in Gender and Sexuality Issues in History, Literature, and Fiction as well as the first article in this section: Cross-Dressing Women in the SCA and the SCA's Period: A Personal View. My, I'm being productive lately!

1/1/11 Added an essay written originally in Live Journal So how tall was St. Louis? And who was wearing his shirt?

12/25/10 Started posting essays on (mostly modern) trends and topics in names that originally appeared on my LJ.

10/2/10 Finished the last commentaries on the Secrets of the Silk Road Sketchbook pages.

8/2/10 Started putting up the sketches I made at the Secrets of the Silk Road exhibit (Bowers Museum, Santa Ana CA)

5/11/10 Temporary access for the handout for my Kalamazoo paper (pdf).

2/21/09 Fixed the bracketing problem in the Surviving Garments search code.

10/29/08 Updated most of the Baking for One recipes with calorie counts. Added commentary to the main text about this. Updated the fiction bibliography with Skin and Bones.

4/23/07 In honor of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, I have posted my story The White Falcon for readers to enjoy.

11/5/06 (Wow, has it been that long?) Added Early Medieval Manx Names; also fixed some misc. items in A Brief (and Incomplete) Guide to Forming Genitives of Irish Personal Names and A Consideration Of Pictish Names as well as improving flow in the latter.

4/29/06 Added the first-draft version of the Surviving Garments Database -- Please play with it!

4/2/06 Added Snapshot of a Cantref: The Names and Naming Practices in a Mawddwy Court Roll of 1415-16

11/19/05 Added Period Welsh Models for SCA Households and the Nomenclature Thereof

11/19/05 Added Tangwystyl's Pease Porridge for SCA Events with Annoying Evening Courts Just When You Needed to be Slaving Over a Hot Fire

10/30/05 Added photo page with some minimal initial content

10/16/05 Added Metrical Medieval Welsh Translations of Some SCA Oaths of Fealty

10/16/05 Added the beginnings of the Anthimus Cookery pages

9/6/05 Added article on Mammen Embroidery

9/4/05 Re-did the pictures for the "Dig that Doll" collection, and added photos for the Holy Roman Emperor doll.

9/3/05 Began adding the Diary and Letters of Abiel Teple LaForge, introduction and 1861-3 added so far.

9/2/05 Added Some Data on the Use and Nature of Tents in Medieval Wales

7/3/05 Added Medieval Egyptian "Blackwork" Embroidery

7/3/05 Added Gifted With: A brief survey of usage changes

7/2/05 Added The Tale of Tangwystyl: or It's Your Name You Can Change If You Want To

5/27/05 Added my convention report from the Ohio Valley Filk Festival 2002

5/16/05 Added my speech from the U.C. Berkeley Linguistics Dept.'s 2002 commencement.

5/16/05 Added How to Document a Name (to within an inch of its life)

5/15/05 Corrected contact address. (Oops! Sorry.)

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