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This page last modified October 16, 2005

Cooking from Anthimus

recipe interpretations by Heather Rose Jones, copyright 2005

Anthimus was a 6th century Byzantine Greek who, while serving as an ambassador to the King of the Franks, wrote a cookery treatise that reflects both Byzantine and Frankish tastes. The work is De obseruatione ciborum (On the observance of foods) and the definitive current edition and translation is by Mark Grant.

I've been working out versions (and variants) of many of the recipes and descriptions in this work and present them here. I have not included the original text or Mark Grant's translations out of respect for his copyright -- if you're interested in digging further, I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of his book.

The Collegium Dinner (a collection of dishes served at a dinner after the West Kingdom Fall Collegium, October 15, 2005)



15. beer and mead

Organ meats






Milk products

82. wheat flour



Dried fruits


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