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This page last modified November 19, 2005

Tangwystyl's Pease Porridge for SCA Events with Annoying Evening Courts Just When You Needed to be Slaving Over a Hot Fire

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I've got a favorite "pease porridge" (i.e., pea soup) method that works very nicely for camping. This is the basic recipe for “cook dried peas”, but the specific ingredients can be tailored for particular historic pease porridge recipes. The cooking method isn't historic, but the rest of the recipe can be as authentic as you want it to be.

At least a day before packing for the event:

When packing for the event:

When set up at the event:

Late Saturday afternoon:

When court is over:

The combination of pre-soaking the peas and letting it "cook" off the heat has worked very well for me. The off-flame cooking also greatly reduces the possibility of scorching the pan. (Mind you, I'd be perfectly happy relying instead on a theory that it's possible to arrange event schedules so that people can eat dinner significantly before 8 or 9pm, but that's not in my control or influence.)

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