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This page last modified January 13, 2014

Studies in Gender and Sexuality Issues in History, Literature, and Fiction

This is a collection of articles and essays generally revolving around the topic stated above: issues of gender and sexuality both in history, in historic literature, and in modern fiction with historic themes and settings. It's a very idiosyncratic collection based entirely on my own personal interests and purposes and no attempt at completeness or balance is intended.

Cross-Dressing Women in the SCA and the SCA's Period: A Personal View

A survey of historic contexts for cross-dressing women in pre-modern Europe combined with an analysis of some of the purposes and contexts for women cross-dressing in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Sex between Women in Classical Times through the Renaissance

A survey of descriptions and depictions of sexual activity between women in historical, legal, literary, and artistic sources from the Classical era up through the Renassance and covering primarily Europe with some Arabic sources.

Annotated Bibliography of Data, Themes, and Resources Relevant to the Creation of Lesbian Characters in Modern Historic Fiction (under construction)

This is a project that I've been collecting resources on for the last 30 years or so. Finally I plan to make a serious start on it.

Thematic Cross-Reference to the Annotated Bibliography (also under construction)

Just what it says. This is more of a "user's guide" for those looking for particular themes or contexts.

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