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Tanguistela Laureata XXV Annos: A Retrospective Collection of Work

June 21, AS XV - June 25 AS XXXX

In 2005, a conspiracy of my friends got together to throw me a party in celebration of the 25th anniversary of my joining the Order of the Laurel in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I wanted to do something personal and special as a thank you for all the people involved but I felt somewhat daunted and what I could create that would be more than a symbolic token. And then it occurred to me: what is it I do best? I research and write articles. So I created a collection of 25 of my best articles and publications, representing the breadth of fields that I work in. At the time, I printed a limited edition (I think maybe 50 copies?) to distribute only to the guests and staff of that celebration. Enough time as elapsed now that I don't think they'll mind if I share it more widely.

Some of these articles are of fairly narrow SCA interest. Some are papers I wrote in graduate school or have presented at academic conferences. Some have been professionally published before. Others are available elsewhere on this website. Some have never been widely distributed previously. All of them include an introduction explaining how I came to write them.

Here is a link to download the pdf. (It would take vastly more work to set up other e-book formats. Sorry.)

Table of Contents

Miscellaneous Topics

Onomastics (Names)

Creative Writing

Language and Linguistics



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