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This page last modified April 23, 2007

The White Falcon

by Heather Rose Jones

How I came to post this story

It started with some slightly incendiary words by the VP of SWFA on the topic of the economic consequences for the field of authors making their work freely available on the web, likening them to scabs and using the somewhat oddly whimsical label "Pixel-stained Technopeasant Wretch[es]". It didn't particularly incite me to action, but others felt a bit more strongly. Jo Walton felt inspired to declare April 23 "International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day" which should be celebrated by putting a professional-quality written work online for readers to enjoy for free. (Note that this is not about abandoning authorial rights to the work but simply about no-reading-fee electronic publishing.)

The White Falcon was originally published (for pay) in the limited-edition anthology Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Worlds (ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley & Rachel E. Holmen. 1998. Berkeley: The Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust.) which means it had a relatively small readership. I'm posting it as my contribution to IPST Day because I think it deserves a chance at more readers. Who knows? Maybe some day I'll finish writing the novel that this is, in essence, the opening scene of.

The story may be read in html format here, or as a pdf here.

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