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Shepherds Purse: Types - Crescent-shaped (complete catalog)

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This is the largest single type-group in my study. Most of these are fairly uninteresting in the details, or are rendered in a relatively indistinct manner.

Playfair Book of Hours

Tres Riches Heures

Misal Rico of Cardinal Cisneros

Add. MS 35313

Bedford Hours

Bedford Hours

The vigilance of the Good Shepherd (Le Roman de la Rose)

Stockholm-Kessel Book of Hours


Hardouyn Book of Hours

Bedford Breviary

Hours of the Maréchal de Boucicaut

Belles Heures of Jean Duc de Berry (from adoration of the Magi only)

Belles Heures of Jean Duc de Berry (full set)

Bloemaert annunciation

Francke nativity

15th c.? annunciation

15th c.? annunciation

15th c.? annunciation

de Ribera adoration

Syracuse MS 3


La Danse (tapestry)

scenes of childhood/annunciation (tapestry)

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