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Shepherds Purse: Attached Objects - Boxes

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After knives, the most widespread type of object hung from the pouch or belt is a small round or oval box. When details can be discerned, the design is remarkably consistent. The box lid fits down over the box, and the cord or strap from which the box hangs goes through loops or slots on the sides of the lid, and then attaches to the box, so that the lid can be slid up and off while both parts are still attached securely. Another style shows a cord attachedto a loop or ring on the top of the box, but doesn't indicate any attachment mechanism between box and lid.

La Main Chaude

Noble Pastoral

The Shepherds

Repas Champetre

Rustic Sports

Norfolk MS 307

Bibl. Nat. Paris MS Lat 873

scene of hunting and shepherding #2

scenes of childhood/annunciation

Grande Heures of Anne of Brittany

Zodiacal Man

De Levis Hours

Vienna Hours

Fitzwilliam MS. 63

Possible examples

In the following examples, boxes are probably present, but the level of detail isn't enough to be certain.

Gloucester cathedral misericord

La Danse

scene of hunting and dance

scene of hunting and shepherding #1

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