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Shepherds Purse: Attached Objects - Unidentified Objects

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Some of the objects hung on belts or pouches are relatively generic in shape. Similar shapes may represent objects of similar function, but this isn't certain. The identifiable shape-groups include squares, spindle-shapes, and narrow cylinders.

Square Object

This group has in common being a relatively flat, square object, approximately a finger-length or less on a side, and suspended from one side. Two of them (from two different sources) have a pattern of dark lines forming an 8-pointed star. One has a circular mark on one side. I have no idea whether all the members of this group represent the same object, or what that object might be.

La Main Chaude

Rustic Sports

La Danse

Spindle-Shaped Object

This group of objects consist of an elongated portion that bulges in the middle and tapers at the ends, with some sort of metallic-looking projection at the lower end. This structure suggests that it might be an awl (although I'd want to compare it with known awls from illustrations of the period).

Repas Champetre

Rustic Sports

Norfolk MS 307

scene of hunting and shepherding #1

Cylindrical Object

This group seems less likely to represent a coherent group than the others. It consists of a short cylindrical object, attached at one end. It appears to be slightly taller than, and significantly smaller around than, the round boxes, but is not as long as the whistles or knives (which it is similar to in diameter).

La Main Chaude

Grande Heures of Anne of Brittany


Other unidentified objects are found in the following works. I have not included the picture clips here because there seems to be little point.

La Main Chaude

The Noble Pastoral

The Shepherds

Rustic Sports

Le Livre des Faits et Gestes

Stowe MS 955

Gloucester cathedral misericord

La Danse

scene of hunting and dance

scene of hunting and shepherding #1

scene of hunting and shepherding #2

scenes of hunting

scenes of childhood/annunciation

Grande Heures of Anne of Brittany

Zodiacal Man

Hours of Henry VIII

Rohan Hours

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