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Shepherds Purse: Attached Objects - Costrel

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Rigid containers for liquid are relatively uncommon as pouch or belt attachments, although they may sometimes be found as separate objects, as in the Stockholm-Kessel Hours, or present in the scene, but not worn on the person, as in Repas Champetre or the Pigouchet annunciation.

This scene shows the true "costrel" shape -- a sideways barrel, with an opening on the top of one side.

Bibl. Nat. Paris MS Lat 873

This one is more of a canteen shape -- a flattened sphere, in this case with a base so that it can be stood up on the ground.

Tres Riches Heures

Commentary on the scene in the Luttrell Psalter suggests that this standing pot attached to the belt may be a container for ointment (which the shepherd is in the process of applying) rather than for carrying drink.

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