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Shepherds Purse: Types - Sash

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This is one style that merges seamlessly into a style worn by many other types of people -- but not, apparently as a pouch. Sash style belts are extremely common in art throughout (and beyond) the period under consideration. While I haven't done a formal survey of their appearance, there is a strong tendency for them to occur with more "archaic" presentations -- i.e. when clothing is consciously portrayed as non-contemporary -- and when the person depicted is clearly intended to be a "foreigner", especially someone of non-European identity. While these sash-belts may be relatively bulky, they do not have the kind of asymmetric bulk that would suggest being used as carriers for some type of contents. But conversely, when this style is found worn by a shepherd, it can be difficult to tell whether it is being used as a belt or a carrier. For example, in the above scene from the Pistoia Pulpit, the shepherd on the right clearly wears a sash as a belt, but it is less clear that it is being used in the manner of a Shepherds Purse as a means of carrying things. (In fact, considered as a Shepherds Purse, it is somewhat of a cultural outlier.)

Simple knotted cloth

Abraham and Hagar

Bibl. Nat. Paris MS 42

Cloth tucked under belt

Pursuit of St. Barbara

Rouen Hours

Sash-belt, but appears to have contents

Tres Riches Heures

Burgundisches Brevier

Pistoia pulpit

MS. Morgan 453

Transitional between sash and crescent-shape

Playfair Book of Hours

Grande Heures of Anne of Brittany

de Beer adoration

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