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This page last modified October 16, 2005

Cooking from Anthimus

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I'd been wanting to do a small dinner based on Anthimus ever since I started working with the recipes, and finally got the opportunity when I was enticed into becoming the cook for the West Kingdom's fall collegium event in October, 2005. Since I'd taken myself out of the feast-cooking business for the last decade due to grad school, I was glad to have the chance to get back into things on a small scale (only 50 people).

This page links to the versions of the recipes I prepared for this dinner, both in the full amounts and in smaller "test run" sizes for approximately four people. (The links go to a page where I include all my experiments for that recipe.)

Assorted fruits and nuts: Anthimus lists a number of fresh and dried fruits and nuts without indicating recipes, as such, or any particular presentation. I included a platter with an assortment of these items as follows. The apples and peaches were peeled and sliced; the nuts were either roasted or boiled. Otherwise they were simply offered "as is".


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