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Shepherds Purse: Attached Objects - Scissors

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A variety of shapes and types of scissors appear, although there are relatively few examples in total. Hinged scissors with ring-looops are the most common type, both in a relatively large size and, in a relatively indistinct example, something looking like embroidery snips. There is also an example of one-piece spring shears in a medium size. (There are also examples of shepherds using this style of shears to shear sheep in the pictures, but here I include only examples attached to the person.)


La Main Chaude

scene of hunting and shepherding #1

This example probably does not belong here -- I suspect the hanging objects in this picture are intended to be tassels or bells or something similar, but the second object from the left was vaguely reminiscent of a pair of hinged scissors when viewed at a smaller size.

Stowe MS 955

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