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This page last modified May 31, 2004

Who Am I?

This is an eclectic site because I'm an eclectic person. The contents have something approaching a logical structure, although some items cross more than one category. This is my life: complex, intertwined, and all over the map.

Research and teaching are great passions in my life, and that is one of the driving forces behind this site. I love to share my knowledge with anyone who will stand still long enough to listen. But I also believe that the laborer is worthy of her hire, and some of my work is available for purchase, rather than offered for free. One part of this site is devoted to my commercial interests, especially my publications.

Who am I? I was born in the late '50s, into an academic family. I've lived at various times in three of the four corners of the continental US as well as three European countries and have recently been startled to realize that I've lived in my current SF Bay Area house longer than any other single place. I have a BS in zoology, spent a decade in medical research, went back to school for a PhD in linguistics (specializing in Medieval Welsh prepositions), and have now returned to biotech in various capacities. I love history, music, crafts, gardening, and writing -- most of which are represented by sections of this web site.

If you're in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), you may know me as Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn. That group has been an outlet for a number of my historic interests, although I have some more seriously academic outlets as well.

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