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Dig That Doll! - Bishop Timotheus of Nubia

In the 14th century, Bishop Timotheus had the misfortune to fall ill and die away from home. They tucked his body away behind a stair and everybody forgot about it. Luckily it was hot and dry -- one of the few situations in which cotton and linen clothing survives.

Here he is, wearing his linen tunic (lined with cotton), his blue turban, and his blue wool cloak lined with red cotton. In his hand, he carries a fine linen handkerchief, decorated with blue stripes. The pendant cross and prayer beads are gifts from a modern friend and not part of the original find.

The find is described in detail in:

Crowfoot, Elisabeth Grace. 1977. "The Clothing of a Fourteenth-Century Nubian Bishop" in Studies in Textile History. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.

Here Biship Timotheus has taken off his cloak so that you can see the tunic better. His leather belt and shoes are visible.

Here the Bishop has hiked up the hem of his garment a little so that you can see his trousers better.

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