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Archaeological Sewing

by Heather Rose Jones

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With silk, as with linen, one of the concerns is to prevent ravelling, but the need to stand up to laundering is not normally a factor. In addition to expensive garments made entirely of silk, small pieces of silk may be used to edge, face, or decorate a less expensive fabric. The sewing thread is normally silk, even when silk is used in combination with another fiber.

Silk - Seams

Overcast stitch of (selvedge & single-fold cut edge) (Fig. 64)

Running stitch of RST + running stitch top-stitching on both sides (Fig. 65)

Running stitch of RST + running stitch top-stitching + running stitch of (all, folded RST) (Fig. 66)

Silk - Seams: with Applied Binding

?Running stitch? of RST + ?running/hem? stitch of (woven tape to main fabric at sides of seam)

?Running stitch? of RST + running stitch of (single-fold on both sides tape, over seam)

Silk - Edges

Overcast stitch of (rolled edge) (Fig. 67)

Hem stitch of (double-fold edge) (Fig. 68)

?Hem? stitch of (wide double-fold edge) + lining with double-fold hem fastened to the top of the hem in some fashion

Silk - Used to Edge Another Fabric (see figures 39 & 40 in the wool section)

?Running stitch? of (fabric & facing RST) + hem-stitch of (single-fold of facing to fabric) + running stitch as topstitching

Hem stitch of (woven tape folded over edge of fabric)

["faced" hem, like neck facing, fabric unknown, stitching unknown]

Silk - Applied Decoration

Hem stitch of (single-fold edges of applied band to main fabric) (Fig. 69)

Silk - Other Uses

Worked Holes (see figures 48 & 49 in the wool section)


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