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Unit: Lesson 3

Modifiers and Simple Sentences: Introduction

Unit Structure


Unit text

Like the text for Unit 2, the text for the current unit is a descriptive passage, this time of Olwen, the maiden who is the object of Culhwch's quest in the story named for both of them. This time you are given only the original version at first, although you'll have an opportunity to see a normalized version before finalizing your translation.

Original Text

Oed melynach y fenn no blodeu y banadyl. Oed gwynnach y chnawd no distrych y donn. Oed gvynnach y falueu a'e byssed no chanawon godrwyth o blith man grayan fynhawn fynhonus. Na golwc hebawc mut, na golwc gwalch trimut, nyd oed olwg tegach no'r eidi. No bronn alarch gwynn oed gwynnach y dwy uron. Oed kochach y deu rud no'r fion.

from Culhwch ac Olwen (the tale of Culhwch and Olwen)

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