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Unit: 3f

Possessive Noun Phrases


Compared to the possessive pronouns, showing possession with ordinary nouns is simple. Whereas in English you have the possessive "s", and in inflecting languages like Latin you change the ending of the noun to make in possessive, in Welsh it is done entirely with word order.

It's sometimes tempting to try to keep the Welsh word order when translating these and instead use "the dog of the boy", but this should not mislead you into expecting to see:

The modifier doesn't have to be definite.

You will never find a phrase of this type appearing as:

Although you can think of possessive nouns as behaving like adjectives as far as word order goes, they do not lenite after feminine nouns.


Translate the following into English.

  1. meirch y brenhin
  2. taryan marchawg
  3. penn y gorsedd
  4. gweith y plentyn
  5. llygad y gwalch
  6. cnawd aderyn
  7. gwallt y merch
  8. ffyrdd gwlad vawr
  9. llenn ddu y wreig
  10. caryad morwyn
  11. dwylaw gwynn y vrenhines
  12. traed cath
  13. meini y neuadd
  14. golwg yr hebawg gwynn

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