Key to the Exercise of Unit 3l: part 2


Her head was yellower than the broom flowers. Her flesh was whiter than the wave's foam. Her hands and her fingers were whiter than marsh trefoil shoots from the midst of a sandy place [lit. a place of sand] of a gushing fountain. Neither the gaze of a mewed falcon nor the gaze of a thrice-mewed hawk, a gaze was not fairer than hers [or "there was no gaze fairer ..."]. Her two breasts were whiter than a white swan's breast. Her two cheeks were redder than the foxglove.

Vocabulary Notes

Use the following reference numbers to check your explanations.

Oedd [1]melynach y [2]phenn no [3]blodeu y banadl. Oedd [4]gwynnach y [5]chnawd no distrych y [6]donn. Oedd [7]gwynnach y [8]phalveu a'y [9]byssedd no [10]chanawon godrwyth o blith man graean ffynhawn ffynhonus. Na golwg hebawg mud, na golwg gwalch trimud, nyd oedd [11]olwg [12]tegach no'r eiddi. No bronn alarch gwynn oedd [13]gwynnach y dwy [14]vronn. Oedd [15]cochach y deu [16]rudd no'r ffion.

  1. comparative of melyn
  2. aspirated following y (3s fem. possessive)
  3. plural of blodyn
  4. comparative of gwynn
  5. aspirated following y (3s fem. possessive)
  6. feminine noun lenited after the article
  7. comparative of gwynn
  8. aspirated following y (3s fem. possessive), plural of "palv"
  9. plural of bys
  10. aspirated following no(g), plural of cenaw
  11. lenited (don't worry about the reason just yet)
  12. comparative of teg
  13. comparative of gwynn
  14. lenited following dwy (fem. of "two")
  15. comparative of coch
  16. lenited following deu (masc. of "two")

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