Key to the Exercise of Unit 3h

Oedd CompAdj-{melynach} Comparison-{y phenn} CompConj-no Comparand-{blodeu y banadl}.

Oedd CompAdj-{gwynnach} Comparison-{y chnawd} CompConj-no Comparand-{distrych y donn}.

Oedd CompAdj-{gwynnach} Comparison-{y phalveu a'y byssedd} CompConj-no Comparand-{chanawon godrwyth o blith man graean ffynhawn ffynhonus}.

Na golwg hebawg mud, na golwg gwalch trimud, nyd oedd Comparison-{olwg} CompAdj-{tegach} CompConj-no Comparand {'r eiddi}.

CompConj-No Comparand-{bronn alarch gwynn} oedd CompAdj-{gwynnach} Comparison-{y dwy vron}.

Oedd CompAdj-{cochach} Comparison-{y deu rudd} CompConj-no Comparand-{'r ffion}.


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