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Unit: Lesson 2

Noun Phrases, Nouns, and Gender: Introduction

Unit Structure


Unit text

Each unit from here on will have as its goal the reading of an excerpt from a Medieval Welsh text. The text will be introduced on the unit's contents page so that the student can begin working out the meaning with each lesson. In the initial units, the text will be given both in the original form and in the standardized spelling. In this case, the text has also been edited slightly to omit material that won't be covered in this unit.


[He had] gvallt melyn, ac emennyd guressauc ac wynep crwnn, a llygeit maur guedus, ac aeleu tec, a baryf wedus, a mvnugyl crwnn, a chnaut gvynn, ac aelodeu grymus, a byssed hiryon, ac esgeiryeu vnyaun, a thraet tec.


[He had] gwallt melyn, ac ymennydd gwressawg, ac wyneb crwnn, a llygeid mawr gweddus, ac aeleu teg, a barv weddus, a mwnwgl crwnn, a chnawd gwynn, ac aelodeu grymus, a byssedd hiryon, ac esgeiryeu unyawn, a thraed teg.

from Historia Gruffudd vab Cynon (the Biography of Gruffudd son of Cynon)

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