Key to the Exercise of Unit 2i

Exercise 1

[Hehad] gwallt melyn, ac ymennydd gwressawg,
hair yellow and brain lively
He had yellow hair, and a lively brain,
ac wyneb crwnn, a llygeid mawr gweddus,
and face round and eyes (pl) big seemly, suitable
and a round face, and large seemly eyes,
(Note that the plural of "mawr" is not used, although it might be expected. Adjective plurals can be fairly optional.)
ac aeleu teg, a barv weddus,
and eyebrows (pl) fair and beard seemly, suitable
and pretty eyebrows, and a seemly beard,
(Note the lenition of the adjective after "barv".)
a mwnwgl crwnn, a chnawd gwynn,
and neck round and flesh white
and a round neck, and white flesh,
(Note the aspirateion of "cnawd" after the conjunction.)
ac aelodeu grymus, a byssedd hiryon,
and limbs (pl) strong and fingers (pl) long (pl)
and strong limbs, and long fingers,
ac esgeiryeu unyawn, a thraed teg.
and legs (pl) straight and feet (pl) pretty
and straight legs, and pretty feet.
(Note the aspiration of "traed" after the conjunction.)

Exercise 2

Here are some examples. You may have found others.

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