Key to the Exercise of Unit 2f

mab ieuanc a young boy
y mab ieuanc the young boy
meibyon ieueinc young boys
y meibyon ieueinc the young boys
aderyn bychan a small bird
yr aderyn bychan the small bird
adar bychein small birds
yr adar bychein the small birds
hwch wen a white sow
yr hwch wen the white sow
hychod gwenyon white sows
yr hychod gwenyon the white sows
boar/white (you could use either "twrch" or "baedd" for boar, so I'll give both)
twrch gwyn a white boar
y twrch gwyn the white boar
tyrch gwynyon white boars
y tyrch gwynyon the white boars
baedd gwyn a white boar
y baedd gwyn the white boar
beidd (or baeddod) gwynyon white boars
y beidd gwynyon the white boars
ci mawr a big dog
y ci mawr the big dog
cwn mawryon big dogs
y cwn mawryon the big dogs
taryan drom a heavy shield
y daryan drom the heavy shield
taryaneu trymyon heavy shields
y taryaneu trymyon the heavy shields


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