Key to the Exercise of Unit 2a

aderyn m a-DE:R-yn bird  
arglwydd m AR-glwydh lord  
arglwyddes f ar-GLWY:DH-es lady  
brawd m BRAW:D brother  
brenhin m BREN-in king in general, aspirated nasals are not strongly pronounced in unaccented syllables
carw m CA:R-w stag  
ewig f EW:-ig doe, hind  
llygoden f ll@-GO:D-en mouse  
marchawg m MARCH-awg rider, knight  
morwyn f MO:R-wyn maiden  
penn m PEN head This was the trick question. There is no clue to the gender in the structure or meaning of the word, but since the majority of nouns are masculine, you should have _guessed_ masculine.
plentyn m PLEN-tyn child  
seren f SE:R-en star  

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